AgilityToday : India’s first Gamification Hackathon happening with Gamfed Turkey! Hindistan’ın ilk Oyunlaştırma Hackathon’u Gamfed Turkey desteğiyle gerçekleşiyor.

AgileVirgin’in ev sahipliğinde düzenlenen AgilityToday, Hindistan’ın en büyük Agile Festivalidir. GamFed Türkiye olarak AgilityToday çatısında Hindistan’ın ilk Gamification Hackathonu’nu gerçekleştiriyoruz. 5-6 Mart tarihlerinde gerçekleşecek bu etkinlikte Ercan Altuğ Yılmaz, Pete Jenkins, Toby Beresford, Rob Alvarez, Fidan Rustamlı gibi isimler Mentor ve Juri olarak yer alacak.

Ayrıntılar ve kayıt için:
AgilityToday, hosted by AgileVirgin, is India’s largest Agile Festival. As GamFed Turkey, we are organizing India’s first Gamification Hackathon under AgilityToday 2022. Well known names in Gamification Ecosystem like Ercan Altuğ Yılmaz, Pete Jenkins, Toby Beresford, Rob Alvarez, Fidan Rustamli will take place as Mentor and Jury at this event, which will take place on 5-6 March 2022.
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1- What is the Gamification hackathon?

Gamification Hackathon is an event that combines the definition of gamification and hackathon. Gamification is a business model that solves real-life motivational problems by using gamified processes. And Hackathon is a product development competition consisting of the words hack and marathon, where participants work on an idea within the specified limited time and submit it. 

2- Why should you join it?

It is an event that should be attended by everyone who wants to experience how to make a real business process problem productive with gamification principles, who wants to take part in a real gamification project for a limited time, and who wants to develop an idea with teamwork in a short time. 
3- Who should join it?

It is open to all participants older than 18 years old, who believes in the power of the games, and who want to 
– improve themselves on Gamification by getting training and mentorship 
– test themselves about what they can do with what they have learned in a short time 
– produce creative solutions with teamwork 
– create a network with Gamification professionals and participants, trainers, designers, entrepreneurs, etc. from various subjects. 
4- What are key takeaways?

Gaining knowledge and experience on Gamification Design 
– Learning the basics to design a Player Journey 
– Obtaining an idea of what should be done to increase efficiency in internal processes by working on real business goals 
– Efficiently accelerate the process of idea prototyping 
– Self-development in presentation techniques and time alignment 
– Networking with trainers, entrepreneurs, Gamification professionals, etc. 

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